How to join

The MGMW welcomes applications from anyone working across the broad spectrum of automotive journalism. We have recently updated our constitution to take account of the increasing number of automotive media professionals working in areas other than traditional print media.

The criteria for joining now reads:

Anyone living or working within the qualifying region who is deemed by the committee to be involved in the production of a significant volume of editorial material of an original and objective nature in the field of automotive media of any form. Applicants will be required to provide recent examples of their work.

Please see the constitution for a definition of the qualifying region.

If you’re interested please contact the Membership Secretary, Robin Auchterlonie, who will talk you through the process and supply an application form.The application will then be discussed by the Committee at its next meeting.

Before an application is put to the membership for a vote, the name and brief particulars of the applicant will be circulated to members asking for their observations.