A stay in splendour for Ian and Jean

Ian and Jean Donaldson at The Five Arrows Ian and Jean Donaldson enjoyed a touch of Rothschild splendour courtesy of the Midland Group recently, spending the night in the hotel at the gates of Waddesdon Manor, near Aylesbury, built for a member of the famous banking family in the 19th century.

They had been gifted the stay at The Five Arrows as Ian stepped down after 25 years in the MGMW chair, happily accepting the new role of president of the group.

"We had a wonderful time, with superb staff looking after us and a dinner that made us glad our room was within easy reach when we'd eaten our fill," said Ian. He added: "It was an honour to represent the MGMW for a quarter-century and our hotel stay was an unexpected delight, for which Jean and myself are truly grateful."